Welcome to the highly innovative Virtual Open University, the LJU, where Higher Education will pay dividends. Many a time people graduate with first class degrees and yet they find it difficult to apply the degree in the real world. Employment seems to evade them. What a wonder? Are there answers to this problem? Yes!

Here at the LUKOMONAH JOHN UNIVERSITY, we will do as follows:

The President & Chancellor, is willing to invest in you and with you; both knowledge and attract finance to your viable project.

For those hunting a job market, the President & Chancellor pledges to help you get connected to potential employers; the least is to help you with referencing.

We will help you turn your liabilities into assets through innovation. You don’t need to leave your location.

Everything is within reach. Just join us and we will coach you.

We will make sure that you as an individual graduates, with cash in your investment account, unless you don’t want to.

We will connect you to a super LJU family as you journey to graduation.