The Lukomonah John University(LJU) is a private University which focuses on training those individuals who are looking at their own professional development at degree to doctorate levels; with a view to run their own systems efficiently. For example, the individual pursuing an undergraduate course in entrepreneurship, is embarking on this course, with a view of setting up or improving their existing business which they already own. In short the pre-requisite to join the degree in entrepreneurship is that you already have a business. If you do not have a business, our partner college, West Midlands Open College, will accept you on the Certificate in Entrepreneurship Level 3 course, where you can build up your idea.

The university also accepts those wishing to enter state, job market, universities; through the university foundation courses(UFCs). This is an academic route for those looking at the job market degrees to doctorates. It means that you will spend a good 9 intensive months doing the UFCs, before progressing to a state university for the job market.

The LJU also caters for professional courses in Education, the Health Sector and Divinity(faith based). Some of the courses come with a mixture of academic and professional modules put together to make a professional BSc, BA, Masters or Ph.D.

We are targeting individuals who are now matured and have a desire to further their knowledge and do more in their respective roles; whatever they are doing in their business or employed role where high level professional development is a requirement.

LJU also accepts young people who have left secondary school now seeking higher education;as long as they understand that what we offer fits in with their long term career development.

At LJU we are here to develop originators of great and implementable ideas; especially in business; where we teach key aspects of building businesses which solve and create value in a target community.

LJU is a purely open university on the virtual environment and therefore has a global reach via the internet. We will always use the latest technolgy to deliver live lessons and also leverage physical spaces in the country where you in order to carry out any practicals if required.

Therefore, in order for you to enjoy and be able to learn effectively you must have basic broadband connection; and have as a minimum; a tablet,a smart phone; and better still a full laptop or chromebook/netbook.

In terms of software; Office 365 or equivalent with Word, Excel or spreadsheet and Access(for database). These tools are essential to invest in because you will need them.

LJU has a very strong and excellent e-learning system to where you can have access 24/7 of your lessons. If per adventure you missed a seminar; may of them will be posted to the e-learning.

You must have money to pay for your University Fees. In a few cases installments are allowed. Currently their is no access to any scholarship funds to offer.

Welcome to the Lukomonah John University.