Biblical Studies

Dean: Dr Francis Shamuyarira, PhD(Divinity)

The faith based studies to enrich you in Christian ministry is an essential tool to successful leadership. When Jesus Christ worked with His disciples; he spent many hours teaching them about the Kingdom of God. Learning from an expert guarantees transfer of accurate knowledge, that will build you up. Here at LJU we endeavour to emulate the teaching of Jesus Christ and help you become empowered in your Christian ministry at a very high level.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Dean: Mr Zelu Kafunda BA, MBA

Grow your business through learning and applied knowledge. Business is organic and grows with appropriate nourishment that is strategically applied by the business owners; and the management teams. Here at LJU, our faculty has a range of courses at degree level and certificate levels to help you gain that needed implementable practical and theoretical knowledge.

Continuing Education

Dean: Mr Parminder Dhesi, MSc(Mathematics)

The journey to learning has no end. It is the only road without a final destination, though there are many bus stops; where you can disembark and take a tour. The next bus that comes is a new journey to explore and continue learning. Here at LJU, if you want to continue your journey to University state job markets; we have provided a platform for continuing your joureny.


Dean: Miss Ayoka Gregory BSc, M.Ed

Knowledge is the building bloke to success; infact light that brightens a path so that you can see; truely knowledge is light that makes one know what to do. Here at LJU we will train you how to give that knowledge to others, how to help people navigate through their own desired route in life. Apply today and become that skilled lecturer, teacher or trainer.