Access to Academic State Universities
(The job market)


Lukomonah John University in conjunction with the West Midlands Open College runs the university foundation courses (UFC). These are Level 3 courses, which form a bridge or gateway to Sate Job Market Universities world wide.

Below are the discipline streams:

  • Science 
  • Business
  • Information & Communication Technology and Computing.

When you study the UFC potential progression routes are:

  • Acceptance to several reputable Universities in the UK and worldwide to pursue your undergraduate studies.
  • You may progress to one of the routes below (Note the list below is an overview and not exhaustive, we advise that you contact a university of interest and see if your career, though not listed here may be offered over there):

Career Routes:-


  • Management & Professional Accounting


  •  Business & Law
  • Management & Leadership
  •  Strategic Sales and Marketing Management
  • Strategic Tourism & Hospitality Management

Early Childhood Development & Learning:

  • Early Childhood Development & Learning


  • Combined Engineering

Finance & Investment:

  • Financial Services

Health & Life Sciences:

  • Biological & Chemical Sciences
  • Integrative Counselling Theory & Practice

Health & Social Care:

  • Early Childhood Development & Learning
  • Early Childhood Development & Learning
  • Early Childhood Development & Learning

Information Technology:

  • Information Technology Practitioner

Law & Practice:

  • Business & Law
  • Law & Practice


  • Adult
  • General
  •  Mental
  • Midwifery
  • Paediatric


  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Disclaimer: Note acceptance to state academic universities may have their own additional entry requirements. Therefore, before you enroll, find out from them, any additional requirements; we can add those areas to your learning journey. If we can’t, we will point you, in the right direction to another provider; whom we may know. Otherwise good luck.

We are waiting for your application now.

Entry Requirements

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