President and Chancellor

Dr John  Lukomona Ph.D, Post Doc

B.Sc. PGCE,SMEs Business Management Certificate, D32/33 Assessor
President and Chief Executive

The President’s Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you, home. This is your home and here you will belong to a family that is going to add value to your life in many ways.

You have certainly chosen the Lukomonah John University to improve or add more qualifications or simply do a CPD, thereby making yourself a better performer in your area of endeavour. This is commendable and on behalf the college I pledge that we will do our level best to serve you within our capacity. One thing you will soon discover here at Lukomonah John University, a uniersity without walls, is that your case is unique and we treasure in setting up a programme that meets your need.

One writer from the Bible, says, ‘much study is a wearisome of your body and that there is no end to reading.’ At least one-evidence of your knowledge is the way you use it.

At Lukomonah John University with our business networks and possible links to the various business men and women and employers, we will try and link you and hopefully you can take up the links and follow them up yourself.

True accreditation is knowledge which works for you and not a generic certificate that you put on the wall. I therefore, urge you to look at the future you want to have, so that you can select the best combination of training modules. I guarantee that we will try and meet your need within our capacity. If we cannot, we will be glad to sign post you.

I am also glad to announce that we have embarked on developing the university foundation courses and these will be accessed worldwide. So come back to this site in a few months and details will be available.

 Enjoy your journey online and some face to face tuition sessions via our satellites centre