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Biblical Life Studies Entry Requirements Section A: Compulsory Requirements 1. Must have faith in Jesus Christ and in leadership or appointed to lead in Christian ministry or setting up a local congregation or Christian community ministry(Compulsory Requirement). 2. Basic ICT Knowledge to operate a computer device(Compulsory, because we are a virtual open university and we use the Internet to deliver) 3. English Language, L2 Minimum (If you haven’t got a grade; you can still enrol and take WMOC Functional Skills English pre-entry to undergraduate) 4. Mathematics, L2 Minimum (If you haven’t got a grade; you can still enrol and take WMOC Functional Skills Mathematics, pre-entry to undergraduate) 5. At least one professional or academic reference 6. A Curriculum Vitae(CV) Section B: Assistive Requirements Other background qualifications can strengthen your acceptance on the course. See below. 4. Any certificate qualifications: Any course. Note if you already have a degree in any other subject other than theology you are eligible to apply. Since the LJU Qualifications are high level empowering to make you grow practically in your faith in God through Jesus Christ. You might want to enrol even if you have a Masters or Doctorate in another discipline; so that the practical element that we uniquely offer can be of benefit to you. Here we train people in practical missions-the work of Christ. There is a program running to reach the western world for Jesus as part of the partnership vision, which might be of interest to you. To find out more click here 5. Research skills and ability to work independently. When you are assigned a task, by University standards; you will be required to carry out research and cross reference to support your ideas or thought development. A university journey is one of higher knowledge development and originating new ideas. 6. Work under pressure to meet tight deadlines. You must be able to work under extreme heavy work load; as an undergraduate candidate.

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