BSc Computer Science

Year 1

Level 4 Compulsory Modules

  • Introduction to Programming I
  • Introduction to Programming II
  • Numerical Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • How Computers Work
  • Algorithms and Data Structures I
  • Web Development

Year 2

Level 5 Compulsory Modules

  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Software Design and Development
  • Programming with Data
  • Agile Software Projects
  • Computer Security
  • Graphics Programming
  • Algorithms and Data Structures II
  • Databases, Networks and the Web

Year 3

Level 6 Modules and The final project

Standard Route: 6 modules: Physical Computing & the Internet.

Computer Entry Requirements

Computer Science Undergraduate

For prospective Computer Scientists
You will need to satisfy our entry requirements.

Section A: Compulsory Requirements

  1. ICT Knowledge to operate a computer device(Compulsory, because we are a virtual open university and we use the Internet to deliver)
  2. English Language, L2 Minimum (If you haven’t got a grade; you can still enrol and take WMOC Functional Skills English Language, pre-entry to undergraduate; when you pass it then you can progress to the education related degree)
  3. Mathematics, L2 Minimum(If you haven’t got a grade; you can still enrol and take WMOC Functional Skills Mathematics pre-entry to undergraduate; when you pass it then you can progress to the education related degree)
  4. Must have an existing qualification at GCSE and A level equivalent, or a professional qualification related to Computer Science or demonstrate ability to undertake the BSc in computer science.
  5. At least one professional or academic reference
  6. A Curriculum Vitae(CV)

Section B: Assistive Subjects

Other background qualifications can strengthen your acceptance on the course. See below.

4. Any certificate qualifications either academic or professional

5. Research skills and ability to work independently. When you are assigned a task, by University standards; you will be required to carry out research and cross reference to support your ideas or though development. A university journey is one of higher knowledge development and originating new ideas. You purpose is to grow innovatively.

6. Work under pressure to meet tight deadlines. You must be able to work under extreme heavy work load; as an undergraduate candidate.

Qualifications from outside the UK are welcomed as long as they are equivalent to UK GCSEs and A levels. We take a discretion even if you do not have the traditional ones.

However there is a certain minimum requirement needed in
mathematics and English language. If these are not met; the LJU will automatically enrol you on a level 2 WMOC Functional skills, while you embark on a pre undergraduate modulus course in Computer Science.

Performance-based admission
Those with non-traditional qualifications are very well, but you may be asked to complete certain modules at level 4 or even level 3(to help you patch up any areas). Some of the modules might be completed through our partner institutions, which include the West Midlands Open College.

Once you complete successfully the level 4 modules you can progress to do the full BSc degree.

The further good news is that any professional qualifications you have will be considered and recognised as long as they are inline with the standards for entry into computer science.

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